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Different Types of iPhone Repair

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Damaging your iPhone is a nightmare situation for many people. If you have recently purchased an iPhone, you may be wondering about the range of repairs available to you in case the worst happens. Read on to discover more about iPhone repairs.

Damaged Battery

If your phone battery is damaged, a repair professional may need to swap it out. Apple phones are sealed units, so it is generally not a good idea to attempt this repair yourself. Not only could you damage the casing of the handset, but a mishandled or damaged lithium battery could also result in serious burns or other injuries. The repair person is trained to perform this task and will be able to insert a new battery so your phone is as good as new. Installing a new battery an easy and quick way to repair your phone. 

Cracked Screen

If you have had a recent fall from a table or onto the hard floor, the damage to the screen may be more than cosmetic. The impact may break the screen and crack it in the process. You may also see the small shards of the screen start to fall away, revealing a raw, purple-coloured inner layer. If the screen breaks, a contractor will be able to replace it. Tools are used to gently remove the damaged glass from the front of your phone. A new screen is then inserted into the phone before the handset is resealed and tested.


If your phone has sustained an accidental scratch on the back casing, it will likely be relatively simple for a repair person to fix. They will sand the area lightly before buffing it so it appears smooth and shiny. For larger scrapes, they may apply a filler to the surface. Finally, they will apply a sealant to the area which is most heavily damaged in order to prevent any further damage or corrosion.

Broken Touch ID sensor

Your iPhone may not respond to touch until the sensor is replaced. If this is the case, a contractor will be able to remove the glass covering the Touch ID sensor and replace the sensor. This is a simple and quick repair procedure, which can be completed in a matter of minutes. Once you have finished the repair, you can then use your Touch ID sensor to unlock the phone and access your apps.

To find out more, contact a company which offers iPhone repairs.