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Some Important Questions to Ask Regarding a New Business Phone System

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Upgrading to a new business phone system can ensure that no calls are lost and that communication is much easier between employees and those outside the company as well. A new system might offer features that are not available with your old system but which can make taking messages and forwarding missed calls that much easier on you. Before you do upgrade to a new phone system, note a few questions you want to ensure you ask first so you know you get the right type for your business and know everything involved in the upgrade.

1. Always ask if your current phones are compatible

Because business phone systems are typically computerized and may store messages and texts digitally, you need to ensure that your current handsets and phones are compatible with any upgrades. An old handset may not work with a new computer program or may not support its features, such as call forwarding after so many rings, translating voicemails to text, and the like. You may then need to upgrade your handsets with your new phone system and this can be expensive, so ask about this before making a decision.

2. Ask about their storage options

 Any computerized system will need storage for data and you want to ask about their storage options. If the company from where you purchase the new system offers storage, note if it's unlimited or how much data you can store, as you might need to store old voicemails and other such information for some time. Cloud-based storage can be a good solution but you'll also want to know how they back up this data in case there is any interference with an outside, cloud-based storage provider.

3. Note if you should upgrade your broadband

Computerized phone systems may work over the internet rather than an internal intranet, so you may want to consider upgrading your broadband if you get an upgraded phone system. If your new phone system works by allowing you to make calls over the internet and your entire staff is using the phone system at once, this can slow down the reception of calls as well as your use of the internet at the same time. Ask your potential phone service company their recommended broadband capabilities for your new system and note if your current broadband width can support the service, otherwise you might do well to upgrade your internet connections.